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Transformer Taping Machine

Manufacturing is an art, as any art it requires high level of sophisticated and specialized labour, but the problem with this art is that unlike many other art forms where the artist has to create a masterpiece only once, in manufacturing one has to repeat the process of creating a masterpiece everytime he/she/they set upon to make goods or products, but many a times this process of repeating the work to get even results, becomes cumbersome and sometimes it even takes too much labour which in turn increase the cost of the product and makes it difficult to match the competition, while producing a reliable product, that is where machines come in, machines make the life easier for the manufacturer and let them make quality products without increasing the cost of the product or decreasing it quality.

DT or transformer is the most important component of most of the electronic appliances we use today, any electronic product which uses a power supply has a DT or transformer in it, but it is seen that power supplies are the products which most often fail during the lifecycle of an electronic product, rendering the whole product unusable. The major problem in a good working transformer is its insulation, that is where our Transformer Taping Machine set in.

Our transformer or DT taping machine are the finest and reduces the lengthy process of carefully taping them to seconds, the above video demonstrates a production cycle of about ten transformers being taped in 58 seconds. Any DT manufacturer would know that manually doing that would require at least 8-10 minutes with highly skilled labour.

These machines are backbone of many transformer manufacturing factories, we ourselves rely so heavily on them that we know from a manufacturer's perspective that we cannot possibly continue our work without this new technology enabled machines.

The following are the features of our Transformer Taping Machines:

  • Robust and fast operation giving high output.
  • Numerical touch button control for setting the turns speed.
  • Variable size to fit varying sized components.
  • Stainless steel components which are rust free and longer lasting.
  • Industrial grade steel body.
  • Variable tape holder for wider or narrower tapes.
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