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Remote controlled wall switches
Sea products list Home automation at its best to add comfort to your lifestyle, click image for more Automatic water level controllers This water level monitoring circuit is fully automatic and prevents water from going down the required level, besides preventing the water from overflowing, click image for more
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Rapid mobile chargers The nextgen rapid chargers are here to save your time and money, click image for more Telephone extra ringers The first choice of many corporates for its elegance, voice and lifetime guarantee, available in different models for domestic and industrial use, click image for more
Piezo buzzers Looking for a replacement of conventional speaker coils that burns out by overload try our Piezo buzzers, click image for more Float sensors Water or oil all you need for level indication and control, durable, stainless and non rusting sensors, click image for more
LED Lantern small

Economical and Environment friendly LED Lanterns, longer lasting, brighter and with many applications, click image for more

Transformer Taping Machine State of the art Transformer Taping Machine, reduces production time, specialized costs and reliable output, click image for more
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