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LED Lantern

LED Lantern Lamp with upto 14 Hrs power backup.

Indication: Red LED while charging, green when charged.
Features: The lantern has two modes of operations, (online and offline)which are explained below.

1)Online: automatically resumes operation during power cut, goes into standby mode as soon as power backup is available.

2)Offline: battery is charged at a distant location where electricity is available and the lantern can be used at any remote location.
Works on: 230V AC 50Hz.

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Today’s environmental needs are different than the past, today we need more economical and at the same time environment friendly appliances, power sources, gadgets and home appliances which can fulfill our daily needs without being a hazard to our environment and the future of our world, keeping that in mind we are moving further towards products which are more energy efficient and user friendly than ever before.

The newest in our environment friendly line of products is "LED Lantern", this lighting product is a must for all homes and offices where electricity supply is inconsistent, apart from that it can be used in various different conditions like while camping out, vehicle breakdown on road etc. it can also be used to save electricity, when minimal lighting in a room is needed or instead of a night bulb, even a night bulb consumes fair amount of energy (15watts) , whereas our LED Lantern consumes minimal amount of energy while giving fair amount of lighting to read a book in a standard size room. Below are the features of the product:

1) Online and Offline mode for the convenience to use in many condition.
2) Wide angle white Light Emitting Diode for better luminance.
3) Convenient design can be used instead of conventional lanterns.
4) Indications for charging and charged state.
5) High quality Sealed maintenance free or Ni MH or Lithium Ion batteries used.
6) Adjustable luminance knob, control how much you need, the lesser the value the longer the run time of the battery.
7) LEDs are rated up to 100000 working hours that’s approx. 13 years.
8) All weather durable design, can sustain in colder and warmer climates.
9) Housing assembly made of 100% Virgin ABS plastic, in turn giving longer life of product.
10) Easily replaceable battery, in case it gets weak or is unable to hold charge.

Note: Cabinet housing also available in bulk quantities. Manufacturers buying the cabinet are also provided help and guidance in producing a better and standardized product.


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