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SEA THE CONTROLLERS has been manufacturing high quality products since 1993.

We recognized the need for innovative and easy-to use products for the growing
needs for common household and industrial needs.SEA is recognized for its quality products like Telephone Extra Ringers, Tone-Pulse Dial
Conversion Kits and power and resource saving devices like Automatic Water Level Controllers/Indicators and Water Overflow Alarms, D.C. chargers for mobiles etc, remote controlled devices for home automation.

The hard work, listening to our customers, and thinking creatively has enabled us to flourish.

We are a small firm with high aims and remarkable achievements in software and hardware designing in core electronic and electrical gadgets of daily use, keeping in mind the luxury and necessity of all type of users, according to their taste and pocket friendly, but the products are designed in such a way that quality is considered the top priorityBehind the full range of SEA high quality instruments are the cumulative expertise of experienced engineers, manufacturing & electronic professionals and technicians.

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